Buy your tires at ICI PNEU Pharand

ICI PNEU dealer Pharand Autos & Camions is the place that will fulfill all your needs about tires in Vaudreuil-Dorion. Whether you are buying summer/winter tires or need a wheel alignment, Pharand’s professionals are there to answer all your questions. The tires for sale we have in stock include all major and renowned brands.

You must not underestimate the importance of wheel alignment. We do more than simply selling tires: balancing and parallelism have no secrets for our professionals. Parallelism is essential to proper wheel alignment, because it affects the handling of your vehicle and has a direct impact on its longevity. Well balanced tires is a way to prevent premature tire wear. Proper alignment also reduces fuel consumption and prevents a number of damages to the suspension.

Winter tires

Many tips can be obtained from your local ICI PNEU dealer Pharand Autos & Camions. If you are looking for tires for sale in Vaudreuil-Dorion, our professionnals will direct you to the tire brand and characteristics best suited according to your vehicle and driving conditions. The most common example of Quebec’s driving conditions is our cold climate. The requirement for all motorists to equip their car with winter tires from December 15 to March 15 helps reduce the risk of accidents. Winter tires can be installed when the temperature drops to 7 °C, without the risk of premature wear. According to Transport Canada, with their significantly increased adhesion to the road, winter tires can reduce braking distance by 25 %.

At Pharand ICI PNEU’s location, when looking for tires for sale, they should come with tips on choosing tires with a size that fits your vehicle. You should rely on the size of original tires, but it is possible to modify the size of your tires to obtain winter traction benefits or an increased performance for your summer driving. Some rules must be respected, because winter tires of the wrong size or a wheel alignment not performed by specialists can distort systems such as the speedometer, ABS brakes and fuel injection. For tires that match the characteristics of your vehicle, ask Vaudreuil-Dorion’s ICI PNEU experts at Pharand Autos & Camions.